Big Canoe Genealogical Study Group Disharoon Cabin


The Big Canoe Genealogical Study Group meets the second Monday of each month (September through June) at the Broyles Center from 10-11:30 a.m. (unless otherwise announced). All interested parties are invited to attend our genealogical workshops.

2002-2003 Meeting Dates

  •  9 September
     World War I Records
  •  7 October [1st Monday]
     Civil War Records, Part I
  •  11 November
     Civil War Records, Part II
  •  9 December
     Sharing That Which You Have Discovered
    "Show and Tell"
  •  13 January
    Probate Records, Part I
  •  10 February
    Probate Records, Part II
  •  10 March
  •  13 April
    Church Records
  •  12 May
  •  16 June (3rd Monday)
    Field Trip to National Archives-Southeast Region




   Additional Training Programs

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